Welcome to UBonline. We are experts in Search Engine Advertising, mainly Google AdWords as well as Bing Ads. With our data-driven approach to account optimization, we focus solely on getting you a profitable ROI. We can assist you in Search and Display advertising, Google Shopping, remarketing for search and display, retargeting on facebook. Should you need assistance with an activity not mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact us!

UBonline is an online marketing agency, helping clients reach full potential in their online presence. We care about our customers, and we believe that we can provide high quality customer service.

Let the customers come to you

Search Advertising

We help you get more customers. Simple as that.

Let’s say you own a small business that sells lamps. You have many different lamps, but the “Light Blaster 100” is a popular one in your physical store.

Now, how can we improve the sales of the popular lamp?

Search Engine Advertising. Imagine this. A potential client opens his/her laptop, opens Google and types in “buy light blaster 100 online”. Wouldn’t it be of great value, to serve an ad to this particular individual?

The search queuery indicates that this person is really close to buying a lamp.


Save 50% on the first month!

At UBonline we are online-specialists. We help clients get more business, by advertising on Google, Bing and Facebook.

We all (almost) use the internet every single day, and many times a day even. This is where the search for almost any product begins. Looking for a new pair of shoes? Google it. Looking to get your house painted, but know no painters? Google it. Google it. If you are not advertising with Google already, you are missing out on a lot of business.

With Google AdWords and Bing Ads you only pay per click, which means you only pay, when an interested potentiel customers visits your page.

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