UBonline – your Scandinavian Search Engine Marketing partner

Welcome to UBonline. We are specialists in advertising on Google AdWords and Bing Ads. We help businesses from all around the world, with their marketing activities in Denmark and Scandinavia. Our approach is data driven, and focus is on getting you a profitable ROI.

We have many years of experience managing client accounts, in all aspects of Search Engine Marketing.

Scandinavian markets

Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland have great purchasing power, and our customers profit from this. With countries within Europe exporting and importing more and more, it is a great opportunity to make your business grow. Let UBonline, with great Scandinavian knowledge, help you achieve this.

Give us a call, free of charge, to hear about your possibilities!

UBonline role

We are of Scandinavian origin – therefore we have the best knowledge available (native knowledge). This is invaluable, when you – our client – are trying to penetrate one or more of these markets. Save money, take advantage of our knowledge. Let us help you in your expanding!

Scandinavia can be a tough market to enter, as there are already many competitors in all the major markets. That doesn’t mean you cannot have your fair share.


Search Engine Marketing

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  • Remarketing for Search & Display

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  • Google/Bing Search Network advertising

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