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AdWords account structure - UBonline

AdWords account structure

AdWords account structure – levels of you AdWords account

If you are just starting with advertising on AdWords, you need an explanation of how the AdWords account structure works. It is quite simple and easy to understand, if you spend a few minutes learning it. Here at UBonline, we made an article explaining you in easy steps, what the different levels are.

Assuming you do not have a manager account, in which case, it may look a bit different than explained below.

Account level

This is the top level of you AdWords account structure. When logging into AdWords, you will see an overview of your campaigns performance. How many clicks, ad impressions, keyword statistics etc. You cannot do much here, other than getting an overview of how your account is performing. Within an account you have campaigns. Let´s move on to campaigns à

Campaign level

Campaigns is where the fun begins. The campaigns is the first layer of where to look when optimizing. If you have different campaigns for your different categories, this is the place to begin.

Imagine you have an ecommerce store selling sporting goods, your campaigns could be something like this:

  • Badminton rackets
  • Football shoes
  • Skiing equipment
  • Running shoes

And so forth. You want to categorize your different categories on campaign level, to make it easier for yourself in the future, as your account expands. No need to look through multiple campaigns, if you need to optimize your keywords for skiing equipment. Keep your adwords account structure simple.

Now, within your campaigns, you will have different adgroups →

Ad groups

This is where you can begin to see detailed information about your accounts performance. Let´s say you are in the badminton rackets campaign, and you want to optimize the performance. Usually you will want to have different adgroups for your different brands, or services, within a category. Your adgroups could look like this:

Disclaimer: I don’t know much about sports, hence the made-up names.

  • Yonex – Exact keywordsadwords account structure digging
  • Smash It – Phrase keywords
  • Cross country skis – Broad match modifier
  • Nike air Max Run speed – Broad

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It is very important to keep the adgroups small and relevant. You shouldn’t have an adgroup called “running shoes” and then put in keywords for nike, Adidas and other brands. This will make for poor performance. Keep them separated!

Within an adgroup, you will have keywords and ads →

Keywords in your adwords account structure

Keywords should be relevant to your adgroups name, to keep it simple for yourself. It will unnecessarily difficult, if your ad groups names are “Adgroup 1”, “Adgroup 4” and so forth. You cannot remember what is inside, assuming your continue to expand your account. Let’s make a few examples:

  • Campaign – Badminton rackets à Adgroup – Yonex à Keyword – Yonex badminton racket, yonex rackets, badminton racket yonex and so forth.
  • Campaign – Skiing equipment à Adgroup – Cross country skis à Keyword – cross country skis, online skis cross country, buy skis cross country and so forth

Keeping a consistent strategy of your AdWords account structure is imperative for your marketing success. Keep it simple and relevant throughout your account. Not only will it be easier for yourself to manage, but also a lot easier when expanding your account. You will know exactly where to put your new adgroups and keywords.

In adgroups there are Ads as well as keywords →

Ads in your adwords account structure

Ads are linked to keywords. You create keywords to show specific ads for a particular products or services.

When using this adwords account structure, you can make highly relevant ads for all of your keywords, which is a great thing. Google really enjoys relevance, and will “award” efforts, if your campaigns are good. The awards can be cheaper cost per clicks, as you will have good keyword quality scores, and good click through rates.

It is always a good idea to have a few ads per adgroup, to test and see what might work better. If you are using, or decide to use, this account structure, you have high chances of creating a very good performing account. Remember to include your keywords in your ads whenever possible, and make good call to actions!

Morten Bagge