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How to increase AdWords quality score - UBonline

How to increase AdWords quality score

How do you increase your Google AdWords quality score?

A very important area to improve in, in order to make your campaigns profitable, is to increase your AdWords quality score. When you increase the quality score of your keywords, you are in fact going to pay less for each click. (Compared to if you had a lower quality score).

AdWords quality score is measured by Google factoring in:

  • The expected click through rate
  • How relevant your ad is (for the keyword and the landing page)
  • The experience of your landing page


What is AdWords quality score?adwords quality score

Google is determining the quality of your ads, keywords and landing pages with the measurement called quality score. You can see the quality score on your keywords, in AdWords on keyword level. – and the higher the better. If you want to check the quality scores of your keywords, simply go to the keyword tab, and the column is called Quality Score. Most accounts will not have Quality Score shown as default. If you want your columns to show quality score as well, you can add it by clicking on columns à modify columns à In Attributes you can see Quality Score.  Simply add it.

You want to get a quality score as close to 10 as possible. The closer to 10 your keywords quality score is, the better you advertising is. Better usually means it is very relevant all the way from keyword to your landing page. Which is what Google likes, showing relevant stuff when people are searching.

Improve AdWords quality score by editing your ad

Quick note before you edit your current ad: Don’t. Always pause your current ad, and create a new one, if you decide to try with a new ad. There is no reason to delete the old one. What if the new one has poor performance? Switch on right back to the old one. You will also loose the data connected to that ad, if you delete it.

You can improve your quality score by editing your ad. First of all, if you do not have the correlated keyword in the ad, start by adding it. That is an easy point to get. By having your keyword in your ad, you instantly show Google that these 2 things are much related. I recommend having it 2 places actually, of course depending on the length of your keyword. Don’t stuff keywords into your ad, make it look good as well, and readable.

I have seen great results by having the keyword in the headline, and then in the description, or in the Display URL. If you can make it look natural, you can even try to have it all 3 places. As long as it looks natural, and not like you just put the keyword in random places.


Improve AdWords quality score by editing your landing page

Your landing page must be relevant to your ad and the keyword. If you are advertising for nike running shoes, your landing page should definitely not be about Adidas shoes. That makes sense.

A good way to keep it relevant, is to have your keyword mentioned numerous times. ONLY where it is natural – once again, don’t just stuff it in. Make concise, clear and informative sentences about the topic, or your keyword. If you don’t already have text including your keyword, you should have it. In the eyes of Google, it will become much more relevant.

Improving your AdWords quality score by improving expected click through rate

It is quite a difficult one. You cannot directly increase it, as it is the expected click through rate, and not the actual click through rate. If only.

You can however still test your current ad variations, and see if it will improve the expected click through rate. If it doesn’t stop the test, and start a new test. The formula of any successful ad is to keep testing.

REMEMBER this. Don’t test ads with 2 complete different meanings. If you do, you will have no idea what part of the ad made it better. It makes much more to test it by changing some words, the offer you include, various symbols etc. Don’t change the complete sentences, as you will be grasping in the air.

Let’s say you usually have “Free shipping” as the main offer in your ads. You could then test the offer “First order 15% off” in the other ad variant, and see if this offer attracts more customers.

Read about A/B testing of your ads

You can read more about Google’s definition of AdWords here



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