Product specific keywords

Deep linking + product specific keywords and ads

Making product specific keywords and ads for your PPC campaigns is an essential part of a successful strategy. If you do not already have product specific ads and keywords, you are potentially missing out on great converting traffic – and cheap traffic as well!

How are the traffic cheap?

Given that your marketing activities are on Google AdWords and services alike, advertising with product specific keywords and ads come very cheap. You are able to gain a good keyword quality score, if done right of course.

Let’s say you are a skateboard called X500, and you have bought the keyword “+skateboard +x500”. Now, not a lot of people would search for it, but the ones who do, are already close to making a purchase. It’s a very specific search query, showing the customer is intending to buy a skateboard. If you then serve this potential customer an ad for the X500 Skateboard, your ad will also be very relevant to the search query.

The customer clicks on your ad, and lands on a page where he/she can buy a X500 skateboard. That means your landing page is also very relevant to the search query, resulting in a great keyword quality score, which means a really low Cost per click.

Best practices with Product specific keywords and ads

I highly recommend you to make this a strategy of yours. Include product specific keywords and ads – for all of your products. It will take some time, to create all the ads and keywords, but the effect can be very rewarding. Especially if you have a large number of products in your ecommerce store.

As mentioned earlier, the ads will probably not generate a lot of traffic individually. However, if you have product specific keywords and ads for 1000 products, it will generate good amounts of traffic. The more the better.

Also, remember to have these keywords and ads in separate adgroups. You are going to want to have them separated, in order to make the ads as relevant to each and every keyword as possible. That is the whole idea of product specific keywords and ads. Advertising for 2 or more products with just one ad will make it highly difficult to keep relevant. Then you are looking at a lower quality score for your keyword.

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